Engineering Expert, Jagruti



Inspired by Jagruti’s illustrious career as an engineer while honouring her religion and path to becoming a teacher, Jagruti’s portrait represents a side of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that’s rarely seen.

A trailblazer back in the 70s, Jagruti wanted to show that women do work in STEM – and that anyone can give it a go. Alongside her impressive career, Jagruti is a key member of her Hindu temple’s community, where she loves to encourage others to try new things. She’s super close to her husband, and the abundance of love and admiration they have for each together is inspirational. Always looking for something to sink her teeth into, Jagruti doesn’t like to sit still – and right now she’s retraining to be a teacher!





Engineering Expert, Jagruti


Listen to an audio description of Jagruti’s portrait here. 

Listen to Jagruti discuss her career!


We sat down with Jagruti to discuss her fascinating career in engineering.

Listen to the interview 

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