The Man with A Thousand Faces, Glyn


Mean, moody and magnificent, Glyn is the Man with a Thousand Faces. Inspired by Western Movies, Glyn’s imaginative portrait portrays the ever-changing emotions he’s felt throughout lockdown.

Tied together with cinematic flair, Glyn relished the opportunity to show off his creativity. Glyn has a kind presence that made him a joy to photograph. He’s hugely creative and a member of the Royal Exchange Elders, so we weren’t surprised when he came to us with the most ambitious idea of the project!



The Man with A Thousand Faces, Glyn

Listen to an audio description of Glyn’s portrait here.

Glyn’s theme tune

We’re honoured that Cadishead Public Band, based in Irlam, recorded us a very special theme tune for Glyn, taken from Wild West! The Best of  Ennio Morrcicone. Have a listen to the fantastic arrangement below.

Listen here 


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