New seed fund opportunity from Art with Heart


Art with Heart are offering up to £500 per application to develop an idea along with some mentoring support from Art with Heart and help in signing up to Islington Mill’s free business support programme.

This seed fund is about developing skills and ideas – we’re not expecting you to show us a rough diamond at the end! We want to give creatives a seed fund to spend time developing. 

If successful, a few months after receiving the seed fund we will arrange a meeting (on Zoom) to talk through how you have been getting on so we can offer any feedback or advice about how to move your ideas forward. We don’t want this meeting to feel pressured and so it will be tailored to you, your needs and what is most useful for you at whatever stage your idea is at.


Who can apply?

This is a seed fund for working class, emerging creatives in Greater Manchester. 

We know that being working class means different things to different people but there are a few things we’ve found useful in defining it (you don’t have to identify with all of these, but each has links to being working class):

  • You’re on, or grew up in a low income household with limited access to wealth – receiving Universal Credit or you family’s household is below £25,000 per year
  • Neither of your parents/carers went to university
  • You don’t have many connections with people in powerful, decision making or influencing jobs
  • You are currently, or have been in care
  • You were eligible for free school meals in high school
  • You’ve been a recipient of a 16-19 bursary

By ‘emerging’ we mean that you have left education (high school, college or uni) in the past 3 years or you are within your first 3 years of starting your creative practice. You must be over the age of 16 but there is no upper age limit cap.

By ‘Greater Manchester’ we mean living in one of the 10 districts of Greater Manchester: Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford or Wigan. You must have a Greater Manchester postcode.

By ‘Creatives’ we mean people who work in the creative arts. This includes writers, theatre-makers, producers, facilitators, dancers, musicians, sound designers, poets, and many other arts based work.

If you’re unsure if you fit into these categories you can send us an email and ask or check anything, we are here to help!


When do I need to apply?

Applications are open now and the latest you can send your application is 1st February 2021.

We will then make a shortlist and on 4th February 2021 will make the final decision on who has been successful. We aim to tell everyone who has been successful on Friday 5th February 2021.


How much should I apply for? 

You can apply for any amount between £100 – £500. You don’t need to create a detailed budget for us, but do give us an idea about what the money would go towards.


What about access?

We have a dedicated access budget so if you have access requirements please include them on your application as a separate budget as this will not impact your application. If you are a deaf BSL user, we are happy to receive applications in BSL.


What can I spend it on? 

Ideas include spending the seed fund on paying yourself to spend time developing your idea, or on equipment that will help you, or paying for some training.


How do I apply?

Apply for between £100 – £500. You can send this written or as a video. Send us an email of no more than 400 words, or send us a video of up to 2 minutes. Include the following:

  • Your name and pronouns
  • Your contact details
  • The area and postcode of where you live (e.g. Salford M3)
  • A little introduction about yourself
  • How much money you are applying for
  • What idea and/or skills you would like to develop with the money
  • If you have any access requirements and how much they will cost

Send it to Lauren and Sarah at 


How do I contact you? I have questions and want to send you an application!

If you’re unsure about anything, please ask us, we’re friendly folk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Email Lauren on or give her a call on 07715 953 370

We can’t wait to hear about your ideas!

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