Crowdfunding for Creatives

Art with Heart share their experience of running successful crowdfunding campaigns for creative projects


What can you expect?

Art with Heart invite you to join them as they share their experience of running successful crowdfunding campaigns for creative projects.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. As well as raising vital funds it can be a brilliant tool in raising awareness and support for your projects and ventures.

More than £1,700 pounds per hour was raised for crowdfunding in the UK in 2014 and £12 million was raised from crowdfunding in the UK during 2015 alone.

After successfully raising nearly £4,000 from 100 pledgers, Art with Heart offer their top tips for  designing and running a crowdfunding campaign.

The workshops explores:

  • The right crowdfunding platform for your campaign
  • How to identify your core audience
  • Pitching your project and keep up momentum
  • Tips for creating a captivating crowdfunding video and appealing rewards for your pledgers
  • How to make your pledgers feel valued

Introduction to Producing Workshop

Art with Heart share their experience in the key areas of producing

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Setting Up A Performing Arts Company Workshop

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