Setting Up A Performing Arts Company Workshop

Building a Company from a shared vision and creative voice


What can you expect?

Ideal for students and early career artists, Art with Heart share their experience of setting up and running a performing arts company.

Starting from the very beginning, we discuss the driving force behind setting up a company, the importance of having a shared vision and knowing your voice as a company; in the arts sector and the wider world.

The workshop offers an introduction to the logistics and legalities of setting up a company and the roles you will have to adopt when self-producing. We offer advice on how to generate income, shine a spotlight on budgets and offering top tips for fundraising.

We look at marketing; how to identify your unique selling points and core audiences, choosing the right social media platforms and ensuring synergy across campaigns. We offer some tips on approaches to gaining Press and PR coverage and discuss the importance of Audience Development.

The workshop includes a practical exercise to help participants design and deliver a pitch of their work to venue programmers, as well as offering advice on getting connected within the industry.

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