Art with Heart badges


Art with Heart badges


Shipping starts: 07/01/2022

Want to show that you’re an Art with Heart fan? Our Art with Heart badges are the perfect addition for your rucksack or tote bag. Each badge is 25mm with a pin back.

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What your purchase means

Every sale of our merchandise goes towards creating fantastic projects for local communities. So, you get to look great and support a good cause too. This means that your purchase is helping us to run more projects, reach more communities and employ more freelancers.

How pre-ordering works

We print limited runs of our merchandise. There are lots of reasons for this: it’s more sustainable, helps us as a small business – and means we can offer runs of exclusive merchandise that we think you’ll love. We collect your pre-orders up until the timer runs out on the countdown – and then we’ll aim to have your products with you within three weeks.

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