Rapscallion of Rugby, Barry and Brandishing her Brushes, Brenda


Barry and Brenda are the first ever married couple to frequent the Old Stock New Stock studio! They spend a lot of their time travelling over to their caravan – and have revealed to us that if they ever won the lottery, they’ll be packing up for a family holiday to Australia. Generous and charitable, they’re a joy to be around.

The first thing you’ll notice about Barry is the proper cheeky glint in his eye – always up for a joke and a laugh. A rugby fanatic, ‘Bazza’ is an expert Oldhamer, born and bred. When we were taking his portrait, he told us the history of the building our studio was in and how his Dad went to school there!

And of course, the wonderful Brenda, brandishing her brushes with pride and ready to paint to her heart’s content. Chatty and lovely, Brenda is super supportive and an absolute rock in her family. Her painted portraits are truly beautiful – and she even created some of them while holidaying on the other side of the world.





Rapscallion of Rugby, Barry 

Listen to an audio description of Barry’s portrait here. 

Brandishing her Brushes, Brenda


Listen to an audio description of Brenda’s portrait here. 


Brenda’s painting and Barry’s poetry

Brenda and Barry’s relationship is quite a special one, and they’ve shared some bits and pieces with us to show their love for each other. Have a look at Brenda’s drawing of Barry and read Barry’s beautiful poem about Brenda!

Brenda’s drawing 

Barry’s poem

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