We support people to unlock their creativity and discover their voice by delivering artistic projects in open and inclusive environments


What we do

Our participatory work supports people to unlock their creativity, discover their voice and test their values. We deliver artistic projects and workshops created for, with and by community and youth groups in open and inclusive environments helping participants to thrive. Whether you are a community group looking for a creative outlet, a youth group looking to explore a challenging issue or a museum who want to dust down and animate something from the archives, we have a creative solution for you.

We play different roles in our participation work:

The Instigator: Approaching groups and organisations with an idea for a creative project, leading from inception to delivery.

The Collaborator: Working alongside groups and organisations to help develop and deliver a creative project.

The Facilitator: Facilitating groups to create and deliver their own creative projects.

What does it look like?

Most of the work we deliver is bespoke to the client we are working with. Here are some examples of the work we deliver:

We collaborate with many public organisations to provide creative engagement activities for members of the public. Examples of our work with Museums and Libraries are:

  • Thumbs up for Turing and Memory Maps Mcr An interactive arts exhibition for young people and families animating artifax relating to Alan Turing with Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Tales An interactive story sharing project with Manchester Central Library for International Women’s Day which celebrated the contribution of ordinary, local women throughout history.

Get in touch

We’re always looking to connect and collaborate with new people and organisations, so if you’d like to discuss an idea get in touch with Rachel and we can meet for a brew and biscuits.


Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Tales

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