Wordsmith and Worldweaver, Pauline



Poet Pauline has been sharing her wonderful words throughout lockdown, a new passion that we’re so pleased she discovered– because she’s fantastic at it! She tells the stories of her experiences as a trans woman, of lockdown, and of our place: Manchester. Pauline has lived all over Europe, spending many years in the Netherlands before returning to Manchester. She has a son, who she’s incredibly proud of. When you speak to Pauline, she’s always chocka-block with wisdom and advice and perfect for a good deep chat.







Wordsmith and Worldweaver, Pauline


Listen to an audio description of Pauline’s portrait here. 


Read some of Pauline’s beautiful poems


We’ve been lucky enough to read some of Pauline’s fantastic poems, and we couldn’t help but imagine what they would be like as part of a collection.

Read Pauline’s poetry 


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