4 step plan to be a good ally

Step 1

Welcome them and make friends. Invite them to sit with you- in the classroom and on lunch.

Step 2

Do your own research about identities that are different to your own.

Step 3

Develop your friendship and make sure they feel comfortable. When it’s a good time you can ask about their identity in a sensitive way.

Step 4

If someone is rude or mean you can step in and support them and help other people understand.



A vision board made by year 6 pupils detailing ways that we can be kinder to one another.

This guide was written by Year 6 pupils Lucas and Kai as part of our Small Voices project.

Small Voices is a special edition episode of our podcast, Box Tickers, created with and centred on children’s equality. The episode explores what equality means to young people in Manchester and what adults can do to make things better for the next generation.

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Small Voices is written on a blue and red pencil. Next to them text says, writing the wrongs of inequality