Learn about our projects. We’ve created podcasts around equality to groundbreaking theatre – and even a touring exhibition in a caravan.

Small Voices is written on a blue and red pencil. Next to them text says, writing the wrongs of inequality.

Small Voices

Small Voices is a special edition episode of our podcast Box Tickers, created with and centred on children’s equality.

Two actors playing school children face each other and pretend to be dinosaurs. They are each holding a small toy dinosaur and stand against a backdrop of a school playground.


A bilingual play for children which explores communication, friendship, identity, the family unit… and dinosaurs.

A graphic that reads Artist Brew Day, with an illustration of a hot drink.

Artist Brew Day

Free advice sessions, workshops and panel discussions for creatives.

Two people wearing brightly coloured dresses and glasses laugh hysterically together. One of them holds a lime green shoe and behind them is a rack of clothes and shoes.

Old Stock New Stock

Old Stock New Stock is a series of ambitious artworks that confront perceptions of ageing and retirement.

A black and white portrait of Keisha, who is a 160cm brown woman with braids. She is standing on a rooftop terrace.

Box Tickers

A 4-part podcast series to mark the 10th anniversary of the Equalities Act 2010, featuring provocations from 13 artists.

A graphic with a teal background and the word Dial.


A creative phone based project which connected isolated elders and artists during lockdown.

A headshot of Sarah wrapped in bubble wrap. Coming out from behind her head are 6 small versions of herself dressed in different outfits with different facial expressions.


Award-winning autobiographical one-woman show exploring ADHD, mental health and diagnosis.

Sarah is wearing a yellow cagoule and guiding a smiling lady towards a photograph. In the photograph, the same lady wears a gold top hat and smiles.

The Golden Years Caravan

A roving cinema and art gallery celebrating the curiosity, creativity and culture of Greater Manchester’s older generation.

An illustration of a squirrel wearing a backwards cap and playing the trumpet

Squirrel Club

A workshop to help children and young people find new ways of exploring and expressing what it’s like to live with ADHD.

Three young men lean in towards each other as they sit discussing and taking notes.

Equalities Workshops

Discussion based workshops for primary and secondary schools, exploring equality, equity, rights and values.

A visitor to our wellbeing room sits at a table and writes. Our host Steph Walker leans on the table and observes


SPACE is a mobile wellbeing room curated and hosted by mental health practitioner Steph Walker.

A group of people dressed as suffragettes line up under green trees.

100 Deeds

A project about gender equality in response to the Women’s Social Political Union slogan ‘Deeds Not Words’.

Two friends in Secret Diaries, one is leaning towards the other, they're both grinning

Secret Diaries

Set to a soundtrack of 80s and 90s guilty pleasures, laugh, love and re-capture your youth with this honest look at the world through teenage eyes.

A woman leans on a table to write on a luggage tag. Next to her, a small lightbox reads share a story #IWD2016. On the wall in front of her is a map with other luggage tags pinned to it.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Tales

An interactive collection of inspirational stories about ordinary women who have had an extraordinary impact on people’s lives.

Twelve people sit in rows of a large civic chamber. The walls are panelled with wood and there is a microphone in front of each person. .

Queer Youth In Focus

Exploring issues affecting LGBTQIA+ young people in Greater Manchester through workshops, live debate, a short film and a photographic exhibition.

Young people stood on the stage at WHY festival with a microphone, waiting to present

WHY? Festival – The Rights of a Child

A creative project on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for Contact and Southbank Centre.

Sarah stands in front of a row school children during a workshop.

Creative Curriculum: Primary Schools

Creative ways of exploring topics using drama and art help to engage primary school pupils in the curriculum.

Sarah is on a tram holding a giant red pencil. She is talking to the passenger next to her.

From Me To You

Performed on a Metrolink tram, From Me To You encouraged people to interact with strangers, building a community of commuters.

A pink rug in the shape of heart is on the floor of a large room. In the background, there is a small pink tent, a table with a box on it and a person sitting at a table with a drink.

Kiss My Heart

Kiss My Heart collects stories of love for intimate performances and exhibitions.

Rachel speaks about audiences during a workshop


We’ve developed a series of workshops for brand-new artists to experienced experts who might fancy an information top-up

A Little Piece of Our Heart

An intergenerational LGBTQ+ storytelling project with young people from The Proud Trust using audio stories and film. Created for Manchester Pride.

A rainbow-coloured finger painting of a man in a suit.

Thumbs Up For Turing

Commissioned by The Museum of Science and Industry, this interactive exhibition and workshop celebrated Alan Turing; the father of modern computing.

Polaroid pictures are laid on top of a map.

Memory Maps

An interactive community exhibition about the celebration of Manchester through LGBTQ+ eyes. Commissioned by Museum of Science and Industry.