Meet our board


Beena Khetani

Chair of the Board

Beena has been championing Art with Heart since the very beginning, as it embodies her belief that through accessible creativity and storytelling, you can bring people together and help them to find what they have in common. She’s a huge advocate of community, collectivity, and the power of paying it forward through gestures as simple as smiling at a stranger in the street.

Now a Talent Executive with BBC Studios, Beena has spent the last several years working as a producer and director in TV and audio. In 2016, she co-founded Sonder Radio and served as Non-Executive Director of Reform Radio, both social enterprises in Greater Manchester that use the power of radio to empower citizens.

Outside of work, you’ll find Beena travelling and working with wood or co-hosting Effin Hormones, a podcast about Perimenopause and beyond.


Stephen Mutch

Board Member

Stephen is a huge advocate of the opportunities Art with Heart offers to people and communities with limited experience and access to the arts. He believes that art and expression through art can change people’s lives.

A director at a city centre law firm in Manchester, Stephen spends his days as an employment lawyer, advising companies on their HR issues and dealing with employment tribunal claims when things go awry.

Obsessed about all things music and a multi-instrumentalist, Stephen has spent many years pretending to be a musician for various bands. He’s even played bass for quite a few signed artists, touring the UK and Europe – and even getting to play Glastonbury!


Rebecca Wignall

Board Member

Rebecca believes that the arts are for everyone, no matter who you are, and that making the arts accessible and inclusive is incredibly important. Art connects us to something bigger than ourselves – and when she first discovered Art with Heart, they felt like the perfect fit for her values.

A born and bred Northerner with roots in Manchester, Rebecca works as the Principal Policy Officer for Culture at Manchester City Council. She’s previously worked as regional Partnerships Manager at the Prince’s Trust as well as for the British Council on a range of international arts and culture programmes.

Rebecca’s happiest in the sunshine and loves visiting Spain. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places, learning languages, writing, reading and books in general. She’s passionate about mental health awareness, valuing anyone who takes the time to empathise, listen and help someone who is struggling.