We’ve compiled resources that we’ve created to engage with communities, alongside ones from regular collaborators to help you with your artistic practice.

A headshot of Sarah wrapped in bubble wrap. Coming out from behind her head are 6 small versions of herself dressed in different outfits with different facial expressions.

Stream Declaration

You can now stream Declaration, our award-winning autobiographical one-woman show exploring ADHD, mental health and diagnosis.

‘Small Voices’ is written on two illustrated pencils next to the line ‘writing the wrongs of inequality’.

Small Voices Education Pack

As part of Small Voices, Art with Heart have created an education resource pack to support conversations around equality and equity with young people.

Stan Education Pack

The Stan education pack contains activities relating to the play and covering BSL, parental separation and dinosaurs. 

A graphic that reads Evaluation Report with an illustration of a T-Rex.

Stan Evaluation Report

Read about Stan and wraparound participatory activity, and discover the impact it had on audiences.

Stan Programme

Stan toured in 2022 throughout the UK, and the programme contains an overview of the play alongside useful links to relevant organisations.

A graphic that reads Declaration, A Case Study. In the centre is an image of Sarah dressed as a superhero.

Declaration Case Study

Read about audience reactions, highlights, and the positive social impact Declaration made during its run.

Sarah performing Declaration, engaging audience

Declaration Programme

Declaration’s programme includes useful information about the play alongside links to support organisations.

A graphic that reads 'once upon a time'

Dial In

Designed for use over the phone, in person or via video call, Dial In is a booklet of activities created by artists from Greater Manchester

Parent and child having a chat in conversation corner

Bucket List Bingo

Bucket List Bingo was developed as part of Golden Years Caravan, used to encourage elders to try new experiences and think of the life they have ahead, not behind them.

A young child in a bright, sandy environment holds a magnifying glass.

Explorer Expedition Challenge

Art with Heart and Z-Arts invite young explorers on an Explorer Expedition that will ignite their imaginations and spark their curiosity and creativity.