Catherine’s tour blog: Cast, radio, big screens and music treats!

After a wonderful reception at Harrow we were in fine fettle when we set out bright and early for the long journey to Cast Theatre in Doncaster. Before I knew it I woke up in the Mars Rover (Sarah’s car) to discover I had slept through the whole journey and found we had arrived in a somewhat blustery Donnie.

The foyer of Cast is vibrant and very busy. The first thing we spotted was our little trailer being played out on repeat on two huge screens at the front of box office. It was too exciting!

Before we were shown through to the Studio space we were lucky enough to take a gander at the main space. A beautifully modern auditorium with an impressive stage. I fell in love!

When us gals finally entered the space we found that the boys along with the super dooper in house techie, Matt, had already unpacked the van and were setting up. The Studio was stunning. So much so, Sarah was a little overwhelmed and got a tad emotional. Being a company with a lot of heart she wasn’t alone in her tears of joy.

During the set up and tech, Rachel had to shoot off to BBC Radio Sheffield for an interview with Paulette Edwards. It was an in depth interview and Rachel smashed it.

We all wanted to make the most of working in such a wonderful space and our Doncaster audience did not disappoint! We were met with a particularly warm and attentive audience, many of which stayed for our Q&A. It was so interesting to hear their individual responses to the story.

It was a rapid get out but before we said goodbye to Cast, Matt (the technician) got his guitar out and shared with us a song he had recently written. It was a beautiful moment that I know will stick with us all, as the lyrics reminded us how lucky we all are to be given the opportunity to met and work with talented and creative people.

Cast is a fabulous venue with friendly, passionate staff and creatives. There is something for everyone and they are really encouraging and accommodating for theatre companies large and small, who are keeping theatre very much alive in Doncaster.