Come and meet us for Artist Brew Day

Put the kettle on and grab your favourite mug, because this January we’re running an Artist Brew Day with a difference

Nice to meet you


A facilitator laughing in a classroom as students run around playing a game

We want to work with lots of new people over the next five years on exciting projects, so we’re looking for freelancers who connect with our ethos and the work we make.

We’re going to be looking at joy as an act of resistance through interactive theatre, equity and equality through lived experience, facilitation with children and young people, environmental climate crisis and sustainability and nature through a working-class lens.

We’d like to meet you if you’re…

  • A creative producer (with various specialities)
  • A facilitator (leads and assistants)
  • Creatives of all artforms who work sustainably (photographers, set, sound & lighting designers, visual artists, filmmakers, marketers, administrators etc)

After we meet, if you’d like us to keep your CV on file and share it for relevant opportunities, just let us know.

Invite us to solve your most pernickety problems

If you’re looking for advice instead, we’ve got plenty of experience to help you chat through any problems you might be facing.

Sarah and Rachel specialise in different areas of producing. Speak with Sarah if you want to discuss fundraising, finance, facilitation, educational work and performance from an actor’s perspective. Please note if you want Sarah to read a fundraising application, you’ll need to book a double slot.

Speak with Rachel if you want to discuss marketing and comms, audience development, community based participatory projects and performance from a director’s perspective.

Can’t pick? We both create theatre, facilitate training workshops, and focus on accessible practice too.

Sarah is looking into the distance and laughing as Rach leans on her shoulder and smiles.

How to book


A facilitator talking to a group of students in a classroom

When are you available?

16th Jan 2024: 9am-4pm: Meet with Sarah on Zoom

16th Jan 2024: 4pm-7pm: Meet with Rachel in person (Mcr City Centre)

18th Jan 2024: 9am-4pm: Meet with Sarah and Rachel on Zoom

Our slots are first come, first served.

Step 1: Email with all of the times you can do on the dates.

Step 2: You will receive a reply pencilling your time slot and a form to complete.

Step 3: Once your time slot is in pencil, you will need to send:

  1. A brief description about what you want to discuss (e.g. saying hello and introducing yourself or e.g. advice on wellbeing and access on a project)
  2. information about any access needs you have for the meeting so we can make sure it’s the most useful for you.

Once you have completed these steps, then you will be sent the Zoom link or meeting address.

What is Artist Brew Day?

Throughout the year we fill up the kettle, stock up on biscuits and open our office door for any artists or companies in need of an ear, a hand, or a spot of advice. We don’t consider ourselves the experts, but we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We’re so thankful to all the artists who have helped us that we wanted to pay it forward to others.

A graphic that reads Artist Brew Day, with an illustration of a hot drink.