Explorer Expedition Challenge

Art with Heart and Z-Arts invite young explorers on an Explorer Expedition that will ignite their imaginations and spark their curiosity and creativity.

Welcome to the Explorer Expedition Challenge

During lockdown we were trying to find new and safe ways to enjoy and explore the world around us. Art with Heart and Z-Arts invited young explorers across Greater Manchester to embark on an expedition of their choosing, real or imagined.

Our Explorer Expedition Challenge ignited the imaginations of young explorers and sparked their curiosity and creativity.

The challenge may have finished but you can still take part in your own Explorer Adventure. Find out how below.

So what is the Explorer Expedition Challenge?

We’re inviting young explorers to take us on an expedition of their choosing, real or imagined! That expedition could take place in the safety of your flat, down at the local park or in your own back garden.

Expeditions could include:

  • A wildlife tour of your local nature reserve
  • A journey through outer space in your bedroom
  • A trek through a tropical forest in your garden


Art with Heart understand that we all have different ways of exploring the world. No two explorers are the same; nor are their expeditions and that’s the way it should be. With that in mind, we’re inviting explorers to write, draw, speak or sign their adventures.

The child in your care may be more comfortable expressing themselves in an audio or video recording, as opposed to written communication. Simply record them talking or signing (using British Sign Language) about their expedition, what they’ve packed in their bag and what they’ve found. Then if they would like a written record of their expedition, you can fill one in their explorers log.

If your explorer has a visual impairment then we would like to invite them on an exclusive ‘Explorer Expedition’ with one of our Chief Explorers. All you need to do is email rachel@artwithheart.org.uk and tell us a little bit about your explorer, and we will get back to you to arrange a special ‘Explorer Exhibition’ phone / video call.

If your explorer doesn’t have access to a printer, they are welcome to get creative and draw their own Explorer Backpack and write their own Explorer Log on whatever materials they have lying around; some scrap paper, a cereal box, the back of an envelope, their bedroom walls (kidding!). If you’d like to share your adventure with other explorers you can share on social media and tag us in, or email your pictures and logs to rachel@artwithheart.org.uk and we will upload them to our website!