From Me To You

Performed on a Metrolink tram, From Me To You encouraged people to interact with strangers, building a community of commuters

Pick a card for a gift of comedy, art & honesty

From Me To You was created for Lost and Found Festival 2012 (with Contact Theatre) to encourage people to interact with strangers and build a community of commuters! The whole piece is performed on transport, in this case a Metrolink Tram on the Manchester Piccadilly to Media City line.

The experience encourages people to take the time to share a moment with a stranger on their commute through the city. Each person chooses an envelope addressed, ‘To you’. The contents of the envelope determines what kind of moment they share with Sarah; from having their portrait drawn, prose or poetry written for them, to sharing a secret or to just have some time dedicated to them in spoken conversation.

From Me To You also took part in LEAP Festival in Lancaster where the piece was redesigned to work in a pub.