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Exploring ADHD by creating a character

An illustration of a squirrel wearing a backwards cap and earbuds writing in a notebook

Squirrel Club is an online experience for children and young people aged 8+ to help them explore their ADHD by creating their very own character. From cracking nuts naughtily to chit-chattering, this concept can help to find new ways of expressing what it’s like to live with ADHD.

Sign up by emailing us using the address below and we’ll send you the Squirrel Club video. This contains a fun exercise that you can complete in your own time with your young person, and aims to help build confidence, understanding and a shorthand language to describe ADHD.

After completing the creative exercise, if your young person would like to chat through their activity, they can book a Zoom meeting with fellow Squirrel Club member Sarah, our Co-Creative Director with ADHD and she’ll help them to explore what their thoughts mean.

Email to get your link.

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Helping young people to explore and express what it’s like to live with ADHD.

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