Squirrel Club


Meet the Art with Heart squirrel.

Some people think that squirrels are naughty and cheeky. We think that they’re full of fun, bounding with their bushy tails held high.

Like squirrels, sometimes ADHD is explained in a way that doesn’t capture the full picture.

Squirrel Club is for children and young people aged 8+ to help them explore their ADHD by creating their very own character. From cracking nuts naughtily to chit-chattering, this concept can help to find new ways of expressing what it’s like to live with ADHD.

The workshop is simple and fun, with a video and exercise you can do in your own time, followed by a Zoom meeting with fellow Squirrel Club member, Sarah, our Creative Director with ADHD. To join in, parents need to sign up at the link below to receive their activity video. When you’ve completed the activity, you can book a Zoom meeting to explore your character and what it means.

A headshot of Sarah Emmott. She is white and has curly red hair and a yellow jumper. She's smiling.
Sarah Emmott

Lead by Sarah Emmott, award-winning writer and performer of Declaration, an exploration of her road to ADHD diagnosis, Squirrel Club helps those with ADHD to find new ways of understanding their identity.

If you have any access requirements, then please let us know when you book your place.

You can sign up for Squirrel Club here. 

Please make sure you’ve watched the video and completed the activity before attending your Zoom meeting.

The Zoom will involve a few questions from Sarah, followed by a chat. As a fellow Squirrel Club member – Sarah knows that sometimes paying attention on a call can be hard work! If your young person needs the call needs to be shorter, or even wants a time out to show her their favourite toy, that’s absolutely no problem. If you have any questions about the call before you book, please email hello@artwithheart.org.uk.

We’re currently taking a Christmas break and will be releasing new Squirrel Club Zoom meetings in the new year.

Funded by the GMCA and supported by Big Imaginations.


A fun, frank and fearless exploration of ADHD, Mental Health and Diagnosis

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