Refreshing Perspectives by Chelsea Morgan


Refreshing Perspectives

A photograph of a mixed-race woman looking directly at the camera. She has a warm smile on her face and looks happy. She has big, black curly hair that lands just on her shoulders and is wearing a plain black t-shirt. The photo is framed inside a free flowing shape with round edges and small black lines border on 2 edges to give the shape a sense of movement. This photo sits on a vivid purple backdrop.

Chelsea has loved every second of every conversation as part of Dial.

Connecting with new people.

Challenging her own pre-conceptions with new, refreshing perspectives.

Collecting nuggets off wisdom. Learning a lot.

Constantly being inspired. Remembering. Laughing. Lots of laughing. Being surprised (in the best ways!)

She would like to share a small snippet of her conversations with the following pieces of work.

Cooking with Sushila

I’m so happy to share my recipes with people. It makes me feel happy. If people eat my food and are happy that is my happiness”- Sushila

Two photographs of home cooked meals.To the left a photograph of chickpeas, rice, nan bread and Sambharo beautifully arranged in a pale blue bowl, which sits on a slate grey worktop. To the right a photograph of carrot pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a dark grey bowl which sits on a beige worktop.

Sushila loves cooking and sharing food with her family and friends.

Chelsea loves eating.

Sushila and Chelsea bonded over vegetarian food.

Sushila shared some of her favourite recipes with Chelsea.

Sushila doesn’t measure ingredients a lot and describes her recipes as ‘old mother recipes’ but told Chelsea to give them a go.

Chelsea cooked the dishes for her family. They were delicious.

Sushila invited Chelsea round to her house to tea. Chelsea hopes that soon in the future it will be safe to make that happen.

Sushila’s Carrot Pudding


  • Ghee
  • 1/2 Kilo of Carrots
  • Milk (any milk will work but it turns out nice with full fat milk)
  • Sugar
  • Almonds

Serve with:

  • Ice cream or fresh cream. (I serve with both!)


  • Peel the skin on the carrots and grate them into a bowl
  • Add ghee to a saucepan and put on heat. Stir in the carrots
  • Leave for 1 or 2 minutes
  • Add 1 mug of milk
  • Cook the carrots in the milk until the carrots are tender
  • Add sugar- any amount. Depends on how sweet your tooth is (Chelsea used 3tbs)
  • Stir and cook for about 5 minutes. It should look lumpy
  • Whilst cooking crush the almonds
  • Serve whilst hot with ice cream or/and fresh cream and sprinkle on the almond

Three of Sushila’s recipes can be downloaded by following this link.


Christine and Chelsea got on like a house on fire.

Christine loved learning all about Chelsea and her quirks.

Chelsea loved hearing all of Christine’s hilarious stories and words of wisdom.

When you find something that makes you happy, go for it.”– Christine

Together, they shared a love of being outside and of nature.

Together, they made a short film exploring Christines love of trees, bringing the outside it.



The reason I became interested in trees is one day when I was driving in the lake district, I had a angry driver at the back of me who kept beeping his hooter because he thought 40mph going down this snake like road was not fast enough.

And then all of a sudden, I came to a glade of trees and the sun wasn’t blazing in my eyes. It was just glittering through the trees and making me feel safe. Being in the shadow of the trees and being able to see and a place to park and I parked and let the angry driver past.

And I sat with the trees over branching me. Feeling safe with the sun glittering through, making a beautiful colour and different greens.

And realising automatically that the trees were green and that was the colour off balance.

A tree is beautiful to look at but it also has its purpose of the lungs of the earth.

If you look at the lungs, the anatomy of your own lung and then look at the structure of the tree you will find they’re a lot of similarities. In the branches and in your lungs you have branches of your bronchi.

Our wishes for the future

Jagruti had a calming influence on Chelsea.

Chelsea thought Jagruti was compassionate, caring, and grateful.

Jagruti was generous with her conversations, sharing with Chelsea her spirituality and traditions.

Chelsea and Jagruti spoke a lot about the world.

Together they created their hopes for the future.



We wish for no hatred, no fear or insecurity in the world.

We wish for more equality, more fairness, more compassion, more respect.

We wish for humans to look after the planet, respect nature.

We wish that children felt secure playing out. We wish we felt safe when walking home alone at night.

We wish for more singing and dancing, more laughter and love, more happiness and understand.

We wish that the world would become an ideal place to live.

Thank you.

Postcards from Ordsall

Majorie is passionate about Ordsall.

Ordsall is in Salford.

Chelsea lived in Salford for one year. She passed through Ordsall many times but only visited once.

Like a lot of Salford, Ordsall has some bad press.

Majorie hates it, this is not the Ordsall she knows. She finds the bad press hard to ignore.

Together, they wanted to create a new vision of Ordsall. A positive vision. We wanted to show  everybody Ordsall through Majorie’s eyes.

Together they created Postcard’s from Ordsall.

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