Refreshing Perspectives by Chelsea Morgan

Chelsea's experience

Chelsea has loved every second of every conversation as part of Dial.

Connecting with new people.

Challenging her own pre-conceptions with new, refreshing perspectives.

Collecting nuggets off wisdom. Learning a lot.

Constantly being inspired. Remembering. Laughing. Lots of laughing. Being surprised (in the best ways!)

She would like to share a small snippet of her conversations with the following pieces of work.

Postcards from Ordsall

Majorie is passionate about Ordsall.

Ordsall is in Salford.

Chelsea lived in Salford for one year. She passed through Ordsall many times but only visited once.

Like a lot of Salford, Ordsall has some bad press.

Majorie hates it, this is not the Ordsall she knows. She finds the bad press hard to ignore.

Together, they wanted to create a new vision of Ordsall. A positive vision. We wanted to show  everybody Ordsall through Majorie’s eyes.

Together they created Postcard’s from Ordsall.

You can browse and download the full postcard collection here.

An illustration of a postcard