Two people wearing brightly coloured dresses and glasses laugh hysterically together. One of them holds a lime green shoe and behind them is a rack of clothes and shoes.

Old Stock New Stock

Old Stock New Stock is a series of ambitious artworks that confront perceptions of ageing and retirement.

Sarah is wearing a yellow cagoule and guiding a smiling lady towards a photograph. In the photograph, the same lady wears a gold top hat and smiles.

The Golden Years Caravan

A roving cinema and art gallery celebrating the curiosity, creativity and culture of Greater Manchester’s older generation.

A group of people dressed as suffragettes line up under green trees.

100 Deeds

A project about gender equality in response to the Women’s Social Political Union slogan ‘Deeds Not Words’.

A woman leans on a table to write on a luggage tag. Next to her, a small lightbox reads share a story #IWD2016. On the wall in front of her is a map with other luggage tags pinned to it.

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Tales

An interactive collection of inspirational stories about ordinary women who have had an extraordinary impact on people’s lives.

A pink rug in the shape of heart is on the floor of a large room. In the background, there is a small pink tent, a table with a box on it and a person sitting at a table with a drink.

Kiss My Heart

Kiss My Heart collects stories of love for intimate performances and exhibitions.

A Little Piece of Our Heart

An intergenerational LGBTQ+ storytelling project with young people from The Proud Trust using audio stories and film. Created for Manchester Pride.

A rainbow-coloured finger painting of a man in a suit.

Thumbs Up For Turing

Commissioned by The Museum of Science and Industry, this interactive exhibition and workshop celebrated Alan Turing; the father of modern computing.

Polaroid pictures are laid on top of a map.

Memory Maps

An interactive community exhibition about the celebration of Manchester through LGBTQ+ eyes. Commissioned by Museum of Science and Industry.