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We’re shaping change through people-led creative projects.

An award-winning Salford based arts company, we design and deliver performances, workshops and people-led creative projects for community groups, arts organisations and schools across the UK.

We believe that when people come together through theatre and art, they have the power to make change – and that it’s our responsibility to create accessible, representative spaces where they can give it a try.

That change can take place where it’s needed: in theatres, classrooms, community centres, libraries, on trams – and even in caravans – using whatever artform fits best: plays, podcasts, workshops, films and exhibitions. We’re changemakers and celebrators, working with people on their terms to collaborate, create and make tangible social action, together.


From poignant plays to powerful podcasts. Creativity in classrooms to a cinema in a caravan. Our projects centre around the things that matter to the communities we work with.

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There are lots of ways to get involved with Art with Heart as an individual, community group, cultural organisation, business or educational establishment.
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What we're up to

Small Voices is written on a blue and red pencil. Next to them text says, writing the wrongs of inequality.

Small Voices

Small Voices is a special edition episode of our podcast Box Tickers, created with and centred on children’s equality.

A headshot of Sarah wrapped in bubble wrap. Coming out from behind her head are 6 small versions of herself dressed in different outfits with different facial expressions.

Stream Declaration

You can now stream Declaration, our award-winning autobiographical one-woman show exploring ADHD, mental health and diagnosis.

A black and white portrait of Keisha, who is a 160cm brown woman with braids. She is standing on a rooftop terrace.

Box Tickers

A 4-part podcast series to mark the 10th anniversary of the Equalities Act 2010, featuring provocations from 13 artists.

Freelancers, we want to meet you is written under a graphic of a cup of tea

Come and meet us for Artist Brew Day

Put the kettle on and grab your favourite mug, because this January we’re running an Artist Brew Day with a difference

Help us to deliver meaningful creative experiences

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on generous support to help us deliver work that’s accessible, representative, and inclusive.

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