Buy Stan merch and support children impacted by the cost of living crisis

A toy dinosaur holding a green pencil with a dinosaur skin design pencil in its mouth

We’ve just launched our dino-themed Stan merch online, created in collaboration with Manchester Museum.

Inspired by our children’s play Stan and the T-rex of the same name at Manchester Museum, our sustainable merch line is filled with roar-some selections, and you can get your dino claws on the whole set for just a fiver.

Choose from sunflowers to make your very own Jurassic jungle, all important-explorer notebooks, dino-skin patterned pencils, Stan badges and a colouring book that’ll take you on an adventure of its own.

Even better, for every piece of Stan merch we sell, we’ll gift the same to Visit from the Stork CIC in Salford, who’ll be giving them to children impacted by the cost of living crisis over the festive season.

As much as we enjoy getting excited about dinosaurs, we’re well aware that over the last year in the UK it’s expected that around 1 million children have fallen into poverty.

When working in schools last year, we found that many children were hyper-conscious of money, worrying about how their parents would manage the cost of living crisis. In Manchester, that’s about 248,825 children living in poverty.

Visit from the Stork are right up our street, giving parents the tools and resources they need to give their families a better quality of life. They do loads of incredible work supporting families in Manchester in the short and long term – and deliver packages to people who need them.

We’d like to be able to gift them as many Stan sets as we can to ensure any children impacted by the cost of living crisis have something to open over the festive season.

Visit from the Stork Cic is written with a logo of a stork carrying a baby

The money we raise will be going right back into running our projects with young people across the region. Children’s expression and understanding of equality is of increasing importance as we enter a climate of uncertainty – and we want to empower them as much as we can. To understand more of the work we’ve done with children in the last few years, take a look at Small Voices. Small Voices was a special edition of our equalities podcast, Box Tickers, created with and focusing on children’s rights.

And for any adults feeling a little dinosaur’ed out, we’ve also reduced the cost of our merch. We know this year has been tough with inflation currently at about 7%, so we thought we’d drop our prices by the same (and a bit extra, just for luck). There’s something for everyone this festive season, all going towards good work that supports people.

A page in the colouring book showing lots of different dinosaurs waiting to be coloured in

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