Small Voices is written on a blue and red pencil. Next to them text says, writing the wrongs of inequality.

Small Voices

Small Voices is a special edition episode of our podcast Box Tickers, created with and centred on children’s equality.

A graphic that reads Artist Brew Day, with an illustration of a hot drink.

Artist Brew Day

Free advice sessions, workshops and panel discussions for creatives.

An illustration of a squirrel wearing a backwards cap and playing the trumpet

Squirrel Club

A workshop to help children and young people find new ways of exploring and expressing what it’s like to live with ADHD.

Three young men lean in towards each other as they sit discussing and taking notes.

Equalities Workshops

Discussion based workshops for primary and secondary schools, exploring equality, equity, rights and values.

Twelve people sit in rows of a large civic chamber. The walls are panelled with wood and there is a microphone in front of each person. .

Queer Youth In Focus

Exploring issues affecting LGBTQIA+ young people in Greater Manchester through workshops, live debate, a short film and a photographic exhibition.

Sarah stands in front of a row school children during a workshop.

Creative Curriculum: Primary Schools

Creative ways of exploring topics using drama and art help to engage primary school pupils in the curriculum.

Rachel speaks about audiences during a workshop


We’ve developed a series of workshops for brand-new artists to experienced experts who might fancy an information top-up

A group of students at an equalities workshop

This is where the hope comes in: Alice Proctor’s Equalities workshop reflections

Alice Proctor reflects on her experience facilitating our LGBTQ+ History Month equalities workshops in February.

Facilitator Hebe speaking with students in equalities workshop

The difference between tolerance and acceptance: Hebe Reilly’s Equalities workshop reflections

Hebe Reilly reflects on her experience facilitating our LGBTQ+ History Month equalities workshops in February.

Headshot of Jenny Gaskell with a silk pink backdrop.

Quietly and deeply radical: Jenny Gaskell’s Equalities workshop reflections

Jenny Gaskel reflects on her experience facilitating our LGBTQ+ History Month equalities workshops in February.

A student sticking his equalities pledge sticky note to his school uniform

LGBTQIA+ Equality Today- Alice’s reflections

Alice reflects on how we can continue to learn and be a better ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Chelsea stands at the front of a classroom, reading from a sheet of paper as she delivers a workshop.

LGBTQIA+ Equality today – Chelsea’s reflections

Chelsea Morgan has been supporting us to deliver our Equalities Workshop for LGBTQ+ History Month. We asked her to reflect on her time in schools with us.

A group of students work on their equalities activity

30 years since Section 28: Our LGBTQ+ History Month Equalities work

This Hate Crime Awareness Week within LGBTQ+ History Month has felt pretty significant. Read our reflections on discussing LGBTQIA+ history in schools.

Sarah stands at the front of a workshop with her arms open wide. She is wearing an Art With Heart T-shirt.

Hope at the end of the world

I spent last week running the Belgrade Theatre’s Summer School for 42 committed and inspiring young people aged 8-16 with local dancer Jonathan Armstrong.